Synbio technology for sports clubs

30 oktober 2020


I, Prof. dr. Luc Vanden Bossche, am head of the Department of Physical Medicine at Ghent University Hospital, and also club doctor at RSCA Anderlecht and previously KAA Gent, two farmer champions of the Belgian premier league.

In order to optimize the safety and hygiene of the team’s players and staff, I have thoroughly evaluated the synbiotic products of Chrisal and found them to be very effective and safe. The Synbio Shield programme provides a permanent protection and cleaning effect by means of a combination of products for cleaning, hand hygiene and fogging.
I have been implementing the products at KAA Ghent for several years in the training facilities and the Ghelamco Arena soccer stadium. Also, at RSCA Anderlecht the products are currently introduced.

To my personal opinion and experience, the Synbio Shield technology by Chrisal is capable of offering an improved protection and hygiene to sports teams and the entire staff, in a sustainable and safe way. The reduced risk of infections following the implementation of the Synbio Shield technology will help to maximize the health of the team, staff and supporters. And this in turn will proteet the true ca pit al of any sports club, it’s people!

Feit is dat we op onze scholen zelf geen besmetting hebben doorgegeven

Hugo Swennen

Directeur BS Pieter Brueghel (Peer)

We kunnen constateren dat er geen clusterbesmettingen zijn uitgebroken op onze school. Merkbaar minder uitval bij
leerlingen/leerkrachten omwille van ziekte.

Ruben Jonckers

Fac. Manager Middenschool Heilig Hart (Bree)

Het aantal zieke kinderen is zeer beperkt

Luc Brands

Lagere school De Vlieger (Bocholt)

doeltreffende reiniging, geen vervelend geurende producten die een negatieve impact op de ademhaling hebben

Marco Adeler

preventieadviseur, verantwoordelijke infrastructuur

Ik heb de producten grondig geëvalueerd en vind deze zeer doeltreffend en veilig

Prof.Dr. Luc Vanden Bossche

Universitair ziekenhuis Gent / dokter RSCA Anderlecht

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